Vietnam Sourcing Experts

Vietnam Sourcing Experts

We are comfortable saying we are Vietnam sourcing experts because we live in Vietnam and are finding factories for customers everyday. We are very friendly, professional and dedicated to Vietnam. We support both sides of the supply chain to ensure everyone’s success.

If you don’t hire us to find the right factory fast for you then here are some other options for you to compare pricing and services. Dragon sourcing is based in Singapore and has excellent Vietnam sourcing experts on staff. Modern Sourcing has a nice website but I have never met them – check them out. BDG is another option as well as Intouch.

If you don’t have time to research all these Vietnam sourcing experts – you just want to talk to someone quickly – then schedule an appointment with Thanh now. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Vietnam sourcing expertise starts with understanding your needs!

To ensure that you obtain the best quality and price while you choose Vietnam sourcing, the first step is to determine what exactly you need. Our Vietnam sourcing experts will ask you details related to product specification, quantity, order frequency, target price, packaging specifications and the time line. Following that, we will investigate, evaluate and introduce you to the best suppliers in Vietnam for your needs. We strive for an efficient and smooth sourcing experience for you. If we can’t deliver then we’ll tell you upfront and refer you to a better solution provider.

Vietnam’s Unique Selling Points

Vietnam sourcing experts opinion: Many garment buyers source factories in Vietnam expecting cheap prices; at least, cheaper than China. They are usually disappointed and ask themselves, why did we come to Vietnam? Why are prices higher in Vietnam? What is Vietnam’s unique selling point?

The reason prices are higher can be explained using supply and demand theory. There are more orders for Vietnam than there are Vietnamese factories. Consequently factories don’t need to work hard to do proper costing and or improve factory efficiencies. A typical factory gets new inquiries each week. If only one out 10 inquiries results in new business without the factory having to offer super sharp pricing then there is not incentive to figure out why their Vietnamese price is higher than the China price. To get super sharp pricing you need to push the factory and give them incentive to do so.

The Vietnam Garment Industry has unique selling points. One of them is that Vietnamese merchandisers speak English well. Ok, you might also say that there are Chinese merchandisers that speak English well. Also true. My point is that, after living in Vietnam for eight years, and having travelled to China to meet many Chinese factories I can confidently say, more Vietnamese speak English well than Chinese.

I am talking about merchandisers that work in garment factories. And it’s not just formulating sentences, it’s their attitude to communicate clearly and solve problems intelligently. I think the Vietnamese are better than the Chinese on this point.

Another unique selling point from a Vietnam sourcing experts point of view is the labor cost. Minimum wage is $170 USD per month. Most sewers get paid $250 USD per month which is 50% cheaper than China sewing wages.

Another unique selling point from a Vietnam sourcing experts point of view is the relatively stable socio-economic system that exists today. It’s safe to move around the country and relatively fair in terms of business practices.

How we became Vietnam sourcing experts

All the start ups we help face the same frustrating language barriers, cultural barriers and high minimum order quantities that exist in Vietnam. In some cases they lack a basic understanding of what factories need in order to quote a price.

  • We know what the factories need to quote price.
  • We know the questions the startups and existing brands should be asking.
  • We have heard all the horror stories about working with small factories that did not deliver as promised. We know what you will face as you start to work in Vietnam and we can help you either deal with an existing problem or prepare you to avoid those problems.

We exhibit every year at the Sourcing at Magic show where we meet new fashion start ups and also make contact with new suppliers that we can introduce you to.

We always believe that we make you succeed, then we will succeed.


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