Sportswear Manufacturer in Vietnam


Sportswear clothing – a perfect intersection between functional and fashionable characteristics

Whether you are layering for a high functional or a stylish piece of cloth, sportswear would always be perfect. New innovation in fiber, yarn and fabric manufacturing industry integrated so many valued supportive characteristics to this kind of cloth. Moisture had been always all players’ obsession that negatively affects on the their performance before high functional items come to life. Good kinds of functional fabric can help sportswear meet well with the requirement of being so breathable, absorbent and quick dry to keep the wearer dry for hours. For example, there are a lot of knitting patterns allowing us make special kinds of fabric with 2 different layers. The inner layer are super absorbent and the outer layer make the moisture spread out on the surface of fabric to make it so quick dry. Made using special innovative materials like modal, tencel, coolmax, aerocool… means that each piece of sportswear would bring the wearer a breathable and super naturally comfy feeling. They are also very light in weight. They would make the wearer even no longer notice that they are wearing a piece of clothing. They will feel like wearing the air instead and find the freedom to get high and be more than 100% of themselves in each games of sport.

Sportswear products are now also much better designed. Their special structures help them fit well with the wearer’s muscles to deliver a great support. They ease the wearer’s all discomforts of wearing a too tight or too large piece and create the wearer’s free movements. One of the most wonderful thing is that they fit well with the wearer’s body but doesn’t cause any limitation in their moves, neither bounce nor chafing…Nowadays, almost kind of fabric which are used to make sportswear are very soft and have a very smooth inner surface to cause no chafing on the wearer’s skin during their whole games.

Structured according to the wearer’s muscles doesn’t mean that there is any limitation in design of sportswear.  By contrast, various of innovative designs of wide range of sportswear have been created. Sportswear products like Legging, Bra, Tank Top, Hoodie, Short, Shirt…seems to be come must-have items in every sportswear wardrobe. Similar to other fitness or sport equipment, Sportswear is playing a fundamental role in the benefit of sport activities and the efficiency of practices. New dyeing, printing and knitting technology allows us to create millions different design of fabric which are a good source of creativity in garment designing and manufacturing. The wearer can easy to find a suitable set of sportswear to make himself unique in each sport games. Wearing a good piece of sportswear, you would look not only so sporty, active and full of energy but also very stylish, more prominent, confident and attractive.

Sportswear clothing – a good broad business opportunities worldwide

Along with the gradually & significantly increase of the global living standards recent decades, human being seems to pay more attention to their health. That’s reason why there are more and more people considering playing sport as a part of their daily life. With a super supportive properties, sportswear is becoming a hot desired item that every people hunt for. Sportswear is no longer an expensive product which is specially designed for professional sport athletes but now become a popular supportive item for every people who love sport and live an active life. Everyone can benefit from those amazing products. A huge demand for those products has been created. And there seems to be no sign of decline. That creates a lot of fruitful business opportunities.

With the speedy development of e-commerce, fashion and clothing are one of the pioneer products that were sold and bought very well in the e-commerce platforms. An online website combining with a network of express shipping service can meet the demand of consumers in a wide area as a big traditional distribution system does. People can visit their website and do shopping from everywhere without taking them too much of time. But the point is that they just need to invest a many times smaller amount of money compared to a traditional distribution systems. Besides, as mentioned above, online shopping help to save a lot of customers’ time, as they don’t need to waste their time on moving from one boutique to another finding the best item they need. With a device connect to internet, a consumer can visit as many as online boutique they want at any free time they have. Consumer can easily compare every information of products to choose the most suitable one and make a decision of buying much better. The online sales and marketing cost are also much lower and more effective compared to traditional business model. In other words, online sellers understand their customers’demand much better than traditional seller since they have more information about the customer behavior.


Similar to online boutiques, sportswear clothing manufacturer and wholesale suppliers now also have themselves on the internet focusing on providing manufacturing service to from small to big clothing business. Under the impact of globalization, each country takes part in the global trade with their own comparative advantage. It would be much more effective if each company only focus on one stage of global value chain and try to do the best.

A professional sportswear clothing manufacturer should be now focusing on providing manufacturing services which vary from CM, CMPT to FOB, OEM, ODM and One-Stop-Shop service to meet various kind of customer’s requirement. For example, a CM service supplier only focus on “cutting and making” segments of garment manufacturing process. Of course they must to have a factory with low-cost-but-high-quality labor force and modern machines set up. At the same time, a FOB service supplier would cover for a wider area of manufacturing. He will help you to source for materials, carry out inbound logistics, develop new samples, produce, package and delivery the goods. the term “FOB” in this case is not just the term Free On Board in Incorterms 2010, it means that the manufacturer would help their customers transform raw materials to finished product and then deliver those cargo under any term of trade. Even better than that, an OEM,ODM and One-Stop-Shop service supplier can do all a FOB service supplier does. Before that, they help their customers in designing & pattern making. That sportswear clothing manufacturer usually has in-house experts and technicians in yarn, fabric and garment to help them handle every customer’s needs. Typical characteristics of those services are the flexibility and adaptiveness, so that a team of experts and technicians who have enough knowledge and experience to catch their customer’s idea very well and take action quickly to handle it. Sometimes, their customer has only the idea and requirement of the function of the products, they must have ability to give their customer best recommendation of materials & design.

However, human resource is just one of many aspects that make the success of professional sportswear clothing manufacturers. The manufacturing capacity makes manufacturers different from each other. However, it doesn’t means that a manufacturer with a big or very big manufacturing capacity would always have competing advantage or dominate the market. In lots of cases, the advantage belongs to the smaller one. The big manufacturer has a pressure of big fixed cost. They can not waste their capacity in small order quantity. In addition, it doesn’t mean that small manufacturer can not provide OEM or One-Stop-Shop services. Many small manufacturers do not pursue the business model of economy of scale. They focus on perfecting their service instead. Some small manufacturer can also supplier One-Stop-Shop service even when their own capacity is not enough for that. If they have a good network of sub-contractors and a professional management system, they can combine their capacity with their partner’s to provide perfect services.

The development of supporting industries is also a prerequisite for the success of sportswear clothing manufacturers.  There is no manufacturer can cover for every stages of manufacturing. Every of them need support from outside as it’s hard for them to invest in infrastructure of all stages as well as manage that system well. The availability of supporting industries is essential for them to service and develop. A sportswear clothing manufacturer needs to be supported a lot from fabric and accessories supplies to sub-contract service like dying, printing, embroidery… as well as transportation service, express shipping service, logistics service… Sportswear clothing manufacturer located in a place where supporting industry has been developed  would have a big advantage compared to the other as their capacity has been enhanced to be more adaptive with different customer’s needs.

  • Vietnam – The heaven of sportswear clothing manufacturer

Vietnam, for many years, has been known as a heaven of garment manufacturing with so many potential and advantages. Garment manufacturing is a traditional industry of Vietnam and now is still one of the biggest industry of Vietnam. Textile account for a big part of Vietnam’s total export value. Textile has been in Vietnamese mindset for thousand years. Garment manufacturing is very familiar with almost people here. If a foreign investor would like to build up a new sportswear clothing manufacturing factory here in Vietnam, he would certainly has a very good labor force with a just small amount of money paid for training them. There are also a lot of capable garment manufacturers in Vietnam. They are fairly competing with manufacturers from other countries like China, India, Bangladesh, Brazil… in every market like USA, EU, Japan, Australia… They are invest in modern factory with hi-tech machines and training programs.

A quite strong supportive industry has been developed and served textile and garment manufacturing very well. Not only local but also international investment are taking part in these supporting industries. They are all strengthened the Vietnamese garment manufactures’ capacity.  Compared to China, Vietnam has a cheaper labor force while their quality are quite the same. For the order of small or medium quantity, Vietnamese manufacturers has absolute advantage.

The government of Vietnam are providing a great support to this industry also in so many aspect. If a company decides to locate their factory in a poor area, creating jobs, they would receive a favorable conditions including tax incentives for several years. It’s considered as a big help for Vietnamese company to overcome the obstacles in the first years of establishment. Vietnam has signs important FTAs and partnership agreements with biggest garment and apparel markets like USA, EU, Korea, Japan…and gained unbeatable advantage in export those products.

  • GoPro Co.,LTD – a leading knitted sportswear clothing manufacturer in Vietnam

From the first day in 1931, GoPro has gained more than 85 year of experience in knitted fabric and garment manufacturing. Sportswear clothing is now one of our strategic product lines. With a wide network of material suppliers & partners from all over the world, we are capable to keep contributing ourselves as ability pioneer sportswear clothing manufacturer in Vietnam.

We focus our investment on our capacity to boost our proficiency in manufacturing high quality sportswear products with amazing functionality. We dedicate our mission to bring more quality life to every people who love sports, fitness and workout activities. All of of products are produced and inspected by international standards like ISO, OEKO-TECH…

We are now providing OEM, One-Stop-Shop service for manufacturing any kind of sportswear for customers all around the world. We are confident to provide best supportive service to be totally flexible and adaptive with different requirements from our customers to help them satisfy their consumers much better. We are able to help you cover from materials development, sourcing , do inbound logistics, designing, pattern making, samples development, producing, inspection, packaging, and to outbould logistics…

We have in-house experts to keep updated with the latest innovation in from yarn to knitting and dyeing process, from single needle seams to flat-lock or bonding, from basic quality like cotton/spandex or polyester to special ones such as High Compression Nylon, Cordura, Outlast, Cationic, Tactel, more eco-friendly like Organic Cotton, Supima, Bamboo viscose, Soybean, Coffee, Recycle Polyester, Lenzing Tencel, Modal….

We commit that all customers with a demands in our service would be service with be served in the shortest lead-time.