Sportswear Company in Vietnam

Mens sportswear garment supplier

Can you believe that activewear is still popular and growing? Are you sourcing a mens sportswear garment supplier or women’s? I know many apparel manufacturers in Vietnam is making sports apparel.

First challenge is sourcing quality polyester spandex fabric that has moisture wicking properties.

Second challenge is finding quality printing and embroidery that can withstand the rigor of sportswear.

Third challenge is finding a mens garment supplier that has flat lock machines so that tight fitting activewear does not rub against the skins and cause discomfort.

I can introduce you to mens sportswear garment suppliers in Vietnam. Let’s schedule a Skype chat to find solutions to your business plan in Viet Nam.


Why did you search for mens sportswear garment supplier?

I am interested to hear your story. Are you a start up or experienced sourcing professional? What country are you currently producing in? Have you considered local production? If your quantity is less than 1,000 pieces per style per color then I recommend producing locally first. If you are dead set on Vietnam, then I can introduce you to mens sportswear garment suppliers in Vietnam.

Are you searching for a mens sportswear garment supplier in Vietnam? Go Pro has experience with sportswear and casual wear. They have flat lock machines for flat seaming. They can source tri-blended fabrics and offer various fabric functions like moisture wicking and anti-bacteria.

Finn Flare is a men’s and women’s brand who we have been producing in Vietnam for more than 10 years. They have a leading position in the Russian apparel market in the price range “average plus” and is included in the top five. Their retail chain has more than 100 stores in Russia and Kazakhstan. They use knitted jersey in Vietnam for their knitwear garments for men. They use a lot of cotton viscose fabric for ladies styles.

As a mens sportswear garment supplier, Go Pro produces their own knitted jersey in Vietnam as well. They are always working with new fabric and trying new sewing techniques. If you need difficult prints, they know the best printing suppliers in HCMC to get the quality you want. If you have special dying instructions, they know the best dying companies in Ho Chi Minh City. They aim to be the best in customer service in order to establish repeat customers.