Our Sewing Services

Sewing (OEM)

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and it means that we produce your designs. You design and we buy fabric, buy trim and accessories and then sew it together. In the garment industry there are two kinds of OEM. CMT or FOB. CMT means that we just cut and sew. YOU supply fabric, trim and accessories. We only manage the labor. FOB means that you only design and we take care of everything else. Our core business is: Circular knit clothing manufacturer in Vietnam.

Design (ODM)

Go Pro is a reliable company in Vietnam who works with children circular knit clothing manufacturer.

ODM stands for original design manufacturer and implies that we design for you as well as produce. There are two kinds of ODM. One kind is where you give us direction, colors, concept ideas and our designers use your ideas as inspiration to design a collection. The other idea is: we design according to our own design concepts and if you like our styles you buy without any input or changes. So, you can say we are a Circular knit clothing manufacturer in Vietnam that can design too.

Wholesale Fabric

In 2008 we started to develop our own fabric as opposed to buying all our fabric from China. We went to India to meet with cotton growers and started importing cotton into Vietnam. Then we developed relationships with knitting and dyeing houses in Ho Chi Minh city. Today we produce over 200 tons of circular knitted fabrics for our customers. To produce more is just a matter of making some phone calls and QC ing the production. Our goal is to sell fabric wholesale. At this time we are barely able to keep up with our supply so we can not wholesale just yet. Maybe in 2016.

Our Design Team

In the pictures on the right you can see our designers using mood boards to create new collections and our photographer doing a photo shoot for our catalogs. We have two teams. Each team has four designers, two pattern makers, one graphic artist and one business assistant. After they choose the collection concept they go out to the local market to discover trims accessories and new fabrics that are available locally. Then they come back to the office and start designing…that is how our design process gets started.