Factory Introductions
Looking for manufacturers/factories in Vietnam? We will identify as many factories who match your requirements as you need.
Using our large network of suppliers, we will provide you with a standard profile of the factories with all the necessary contact details (first name, last name, phone #, email and website) so that you can communicate directly with them. We are able to assist if there are any communication problems. We guarantee that the factory is capable of making your product.
We can’t guarantee:
1. Price
2. Quality
3. Deliver dates
4. Payment terms
5. Capacity
6. Personality matching
We aim to be the best sourcing company in Vietnam.

Factory Visits
We are happy to arrange for you to visit the factories and escort you during the visits for guidance and translation.
If travel is required airline/taxi/lodging costs, we will give you an estimation beforehand.
i. If in HCMC then car and translator are included
ii. If outside HCMC then only translator is included
iii. If outside HCMC then customer pays for all transportation
iv. We can visit 3 to 4 factories per day if in HCMC.

We aim to be the best sourcing company in Vietnam.

Costing (get a price quote)
We will work with the factory to get the most competitive prices based on your specifications.
We will not involve you in the whole process but it will be transparent.
You will then deal directly with the supplier when you do the final order negotiation/confirmation.
We will require a target price to allow us to yield better results.
i. Customer must provide tech pack
ii. Customer must provide target price
iii. We must confirm tech pack is professional and complete
iv. Sourcing company in Vietnam will work with the factory on customer’s behalf to get initial pricing.

Merchandise & Samples development
We can manage sampling, approvals, production planning, shipping documentation and more.
We believe you can perform this more effectively by yourself, but we can provide this service if you wish.
Cost is negotiable and depends on specific requirements.

i. You must provide tech pack
ii. We will suggest available fabric, trims, accessories and design improvements.
iii. We will manage sampling, sample shipping and approvals.

Contact us to discuss further.
We aspire to be the best sourcing company in Vietnam.

Quality Control Inspections
We have a team of experienced QA and QC.
Depending on the reliability of the factory we recommend adapted inspection processes.

Typically we recommend a 3-step process:

A. Pre-production meeting: when the production green light is given and all components are in the factory, before starting cutting, we will meet with the factory key players (management, departments leaders and factory QC).
We have an experience team of QA and QC
We will check if components in house are conform; we check if all technical information is unambiguous and clearly understood (if not we take necessary steps to clarify), we do a risk assessment where we identify the manufacturing operations that are likely to cause quality concerns and we take preventive measures with the factory to control these operations; and we check the production plan to ensure the due shipment date can be met.

B. In-line inspection: Depending on order size and inspection results we perform one or more inspections when the production is ongoing.
Ideally we perform the 1st inline when the first pieces are completed. We will scrutinize the first finished goods as well as each manufacturing operation.
We also audit the factory internal QC process.
We make sure the supplier take corrective action when flaws are found to avoid recurring defects.
If the quality is not satisfactory, we will return day after day till we are satisfied, but this extra cost should be supported by the factory.
Depending on order size and risk we will perform additional inline insurrections when 25% and/or 50% of the order is completed.

Rest assured that during inline inspection stage, the inspectors at Vietnam Insider sourcing company in Vietnam randomly inspect the various stages of production as well as finishing and packing based on AQL method and report the findings. In the final stage, the inspectors (based on AQL system) check packed goods and verify all aspects of quality before shipment.

C. Final inspection (or pre-final in case another independent inspection is carried out):
When all goods are packed and ready for shipment we perform a random AQL inspection to assess the actual quality level of the goods.

All inspections findings are reported in English with pictures either in a format you supply or in our standard comprehensive format.

Cost: based on man-day with decreasing fees when increasing the frequency.

250$ per man-day for occasional inspections; 200$ per man-day if we perform on average 8 inspections per month
150$ per man-day if we perform over 12 inspections per month.

Once we reach over 12 inspections per month we can switch over to a fixed price per piece covering all inspections from pp-meeting to final.

NOTE: if the factory is very remote we might need to add transport costs. But we will inform you about this when introducing the factory.

Wasn’t Peter Drucker, the American author and educator, correct when he said “quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.”

If there is anything that makes any customer satisfied, it is ‘quality’. We do assessment and re-assessment not just on compliance but also on quality and efficiency. It is always quality that brings money for an organization.

Factory Assessments
We perform audit visits to the factories to evaluate the level of social & environmental compliance. We produce a comprehensive report with pictures aa well as a CAP (corrective action plan).

We perform compliance assessments of the factory you choose to evaluate the level of social & environmental compliance. We produce a comprehensive report with pictures as well as a CAP (corrective action plan).

Consulting to Factories
We provide guidance to factories to improve quality, productivity, social and environmental compliance.

Consulting to Investors
We give legal, logistical and business advice for investors who want to setup a factory or buying office or conduct any other activities in South East Asia. Cost will be negotiated based on your requirements.

Staff Recruiting
We will help you find a qualified staff to work for you in Vietnam. You will be charged an amount including a 1 month ad on VIETNAMWORKS website, filtering of CV’s, 1st interviews with reports, and coordination of 2nd interview with you on Skype.

Hosting (rent a desk in our office)
Are you looking for an interim solution to test the waters before committing to opening an office in Vietnam? Or, do you want to setup your team in an active environment with access to an existing network without the hassle of finding a place to rent?

Desks will be in a shared or private space.

Price includes basic office facilities: utilities, air conditioning, shared meeting room, shared kitchen, security, parking for staff, basic furniture.

We aim to be the best sourcing company in Vietnam.