As a Vietnamese sourcing agent, we prepare you to work with any factory in Vietnam in a quick, cheap and reliable way. We introduce you to them and help you every step of the way including quotation, sampling and production. Our mission is to help you find factories fast and grow your business in Vietnam and South East Asia.

We do not work exclusively for any factory. We get paid one service at a time and our rates are very reasonable. We aim to help you source quickly and become your long term quality control service provider.

First we need to know basic information like are you a start up or are you an established business? Are you sourcing apparel or non-apparel? Do you want to work directly with the factory? Which sourcing service interests you the most? What is the problem you are facing? What are your business goals in Vietnam?

If you have any questions, just ask. We welcome your questions about our sourcing services and products. In order to help us understand your needs, please follow this link and answer basic questionnaire.

Do you prefer to speak to a real person and get detailed answers quickly? Let’s schedule a time to talk. Each week we make time available to speak with you for free on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We use the Calendly app to schedule the appointment. Calendly manages our time zone differences and saves us the hassle of back and forth emails.

Before we talk, please help us understand more about you by completing the customer brief form.

Please help us help you. Answer as many questions as you can. Thank you!